Dr. Sogol Amjadi

Fellow Information

Medical School: 
Touro University, NV
Bingham Memorial Hospital, ID

Dr. Amjadi received her undergraduate degree from UCLA followed by a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Southern California. Before joining the UW, she practiced as a hospitalist.  Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, visiting the national parks, hiking, learning about different cultures, cuisines, and spending time with family, friends and her dog Micro.  

Why Rheumatology?: Prior to joining the UW Dr. Amjadi spent over 10 years in clinical research mostly involving rheumatoid arthritis. She has published multiple peer-reviewed publications and authored a book chapter in a Geriatric Rheumatology textbook. She is excited to continue her career in rheumatology!

Why UW?:  “I chose UW because of the commitment to research and providing quality health care with a focus on promoting health equity.”