The Department of Medicine at the University of Washington (UW-DOM) is committed to increasing the recruitment, retention and advancement of faculty, fellows and residents from groups under-represented in medicine as well as to promote an inclusive environment across the department.

UW Rheumatology Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Guided by the UW Rheumatology Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, the Division of Rheumatology furthers the UW-DOM’s EDI mission through leadership, education and policy, outreach and recruitment, health equity work, and partnerships with aligned groups across the University of Washington and in the community.

Committee members: 

  • Cara Currier
  • Kathryn McGhee Drummond (interim co-chair)
  • Monica Fawthrop
  • Grant Hughes (interim co-chair)
  • Tomas Mustelin
  • Namrata Singh
  • Gordon Starkebaum
  • Katherine Wysham

Local and National EDI Leadership

  • Mary Bach, MD, PharmD, Clinical Associate Professor. Former chair, Division of the UW Rheumatology EDI Committee; UW-DOM Equity Council.
  • Monica Fawthrop, Interim Division Administrator. UW-DOM EDI Strategic Plan Workgroup; UW-DOM Equity Council.
  • Kathryn McGhee Drummond (she/her), Fellowship Program Coordinator. Interim co-chair, UW Rheumatology EDI Committee; UW-DOM LGBTQ+ Council; UW-DOM EDI Strategic Plan Workgroup.
  • Grant Hughes, MD (he/him), Fellowship Program Director. Interim co-chair, UW Rheumatology EDI Committee; UW-DOM EDI Strategic Plan Workgroup; Arthritis Foundation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and Workforce Development Planning Group.
  • Bryanna Mantilla, MD, PhD, MPH (they/them), fellow. Arthritis Foundation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit Planning Committee.
  • Tomas Mustelin, MD, PhD. Interim Head, Division of Rheumatology. UW Rheumatology EDI Committee.
  • Katherine Wysham, MD, Acting Assistant Professor. UW-DOM Gender Equity Council.

Education and Training

The Division devotes significant effort to educating its members on racism in medicine, implicit bias, microaggressions, gender equity, and gender identity. Faculty members participate in the Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM) Program, and all staff and faculty who are involved in fellow selection receive rigorous anti-bias training. Health equity learning is incorporated into clinical didactic sessions and clinical learning objectives.   

Outreach and Recruitment

UW Rheumatology fellows come from diverse backgrounds. Since 2016, more than one in five of our Program’s fellows has identified as underrepresented in medicine (URM). The Program maintains educational outreach programs with Morehouse Medical School and Xavier University, and we participate in the UW Network of Underrepresented Residents and Fellows (UW-NURF) national outreach programs. We are deeply involved in the Visiting Scholars Program (VSP), a funded program designed to give medical students from diverse backgrounds a chance to experience the training that the Division of Rheumatology and the Department of Medicine have to offer. 

“I was fortunate to be able to participate in the UW Visiting Scholars Program (VSP) as a fourth-year medical student. I was impressed by the collegial atmosphere, the quality of the clinical education, and the excellent humanistic patient-centered care. As a UW Rheumatology fellow, I am impressed with how our division continues to grow and honor the mission of DEI by supporting clinical research, encouraging ongoing education, and promoting the development and advancement of diverse clinicians at both the institutional level and the national level.”

--Bryanna Mantilla, UW Rheumatology Fellow

Health Equity Research

Bryanna Mantilla, MD, PhD, MPH, fellow. Racial-ethnic disparities in diagnosis and treatment of individuals with axial spondyloarthritis.

Namrata Singh, MD, MSCI, Assistant Professor. Racial-ethnic disparities in rheumatoid arthritis outcomes.

Jenna Thomason, MD, MPH, Fellowship Associate Program Director. Sociodemographic disparities in digital rheumatology care.

Grant Hughes, MD, Fellowship Program Director. Sociodemographic disparities in digital rheumatology care; bias reduction in medical education.

Confronting Racism 

Click here to read Dr. Keith Elkon's statement on the Division's commitment to combatting endemic racism at all levels and promoting diversity at UW.