Another ACR Annual Meeting has come and gone! The meeting took place from November 8-12 in Atlanta, GA and this year was an especially exciting one for the Division. Below are some specific highlights from the conference: 

  • 67 Accepted Abstracts from the Division were presented
  • 2 Plenary Presentations were given by Division members, Dr. Sladjana Skopelja-Gardner and Dr. Christian Lood
  • 6 Oral Presentations from the Division
  • 10 invited speakers and moderators 
  • Dr. Lee Nelson was presented with an ACR Masters Award 
  • Dr. Jean Liew was presented with the 2019 ACR Distinguished Fellow Award
  • The Neutrophil NETs, consisting of Dr. Joanna Marco, Dr. Jean Liew and Dr. Grant Hughes, became 2-time ACR Knowledge Bowl champions! 
  • Lastly we'd like to thank our Faculty members Dr. Elizabeth Wahl and Dr. Gordon Starkebaum for their work as part of the ACR Planning Committee

The Division is already looking forward to returning to ACR in 2020 when the meeting convenes in Washington, DC. For additional updates from the conference, check out the Division twitter!

Dr. Ali Bays with her Abstract Poster
Dr. Alison Bays, Assistant Professor, with her abstract poster.
Dr. Irvin Huang with his Abstract poster
Dr. Irvin Huang, first year Fellow, presenting his abstract.
Second year Fellows at ACR
Second year Fellows, Dr. Brittany Frankel, Dr. Joanna Marco and Dr. Kennedy Ukadike at ACR.
Jean Liew presenting her Abstract
A crowd gathers around Distinguished Fellow Award recipient, Jean Liew, as she presents her abstract.
Dr. Christian Lood's Plenary Presentation
Dr. Christian Lood giving his Plenary Presentation.
Neutrphil NETs at ACR Knowledge Bowl
Knowledge Bowl defending champions, the Neutrophil NETs, win again!