In the News

Our faculty and fellows had over 12 abstracts accepted for the American College of Rheumatology 2016 Annual Meeting. This year's annual meeting will took place from November 11th-16th in Washington D.C.

Dr. Edward Chou and Dr. Emily Harris had abstracts accepted to the 2017 Western Medical Research Conference which will be held in Carmel CA in Janaury 2017. Dr. Chou was also awarded the WAFMR/WAP Student Subspecialty Award.

Plenary Sessions:

Novel Anti-malarial drug derivative inhibited type I Interferon production and autoimmune inflammation through inhibition of cGAS-STING pathway in Trex1-/- mouse
Team: Jie An, Joshua J. Woodward, Mark Minie, Xizhang Sun, Lena Tanaka, YuFeng Peng, Jessica Snyder, Tomikazu Sasaki, & Keith Elkon

Oral Presentations:

Perioperative Use of Synthetic Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs or Tumor Necrosis Factor α Inhibitors Does Not Associate with Increased Rates of Post-Operative Infections
Team: Bernard Ng, Anders Peck, & Judy Juo

Immune complex-mediated TLR8 activation shifts neutrophils from phagocytosis to NETosis through furin-dependent shedding of FcgRIIA
Team: Christian Lood, Keith Elkon, Jeff Ledbetter, & S. Arve

Poster Sessions:

Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates for Immunosuppressed Patients in an Academic Rheumatology Clinic
Team: Alison Bays

Discrepancy in Reported and Actual Rates of Counseling on Teratogenicity and the Need for Contraception When Initiating Mycophenolate in Women of Childbearing Age
Team: Alison Bays & Jenna Thomason

Frailty Is Associated with Decreased Physical Function in Adults with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Team: James Andrews

Expansion of Transitional B Cells in SLE Patients Correlates with Increased Toll-like Receptor 7 Expression 
Team: Ting Wang, John Marken, Karen Cerosaletti, & Natalia V. Giltiay

Low plasma concentrations of Apolipoprotein M correlate to disease activity and endothelial dysfunction in SLE.
Team: H. Tyden, Christian Lood, B. Gullstrand, B. Dahlback, A. Jonsen, & A.A. Bengtsson

Immunologic, Clinical and Demographic Correlates in 51 Cocaine Users with Serum Anti-neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies 
Team: Meredith Barnes & Grant Hughes

Correlates of Spontaneous Cytokine Production in Individuals Undergoing Interferon-Gamma Release Assay Testing
Team: Uche Obih, Christian Lood, David Koelle, & Grant Hughes

Cell-Mediated Neutrophil Lysis-a Mechanism Promoting Hypercitrullination in Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Team: Tal Gazitt, Christian Lood, & Keith Elkon

Dissecting the Role of Single Complement Deficiencies in a Novel Model for Apoptotic Cell-Induced Lupus

Team: Lucrezia Colonna, Clayton Sontheimer, Yufeng Peng, & Keith Elkon