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Elkon Lab Group Photo

On May 10, the Lupus Research Alliance published an article detailing the progress made by the Elkon Lab and their collaborators in developing a new potential Lupus treatment, called RSLV-132. In 2007, the Elkon Lab, led by Division Head Dr. Keith B. Elkon, was awarded an LRA grant titled Target Identification in Lupus. This funding was used to perform a proof of principle experiment in mice that led to the development of a biologic called RSLV-132. This drug aims to curb lupus symptoms by breaking up antibody clusters that trigger inflammation and damage organs. RSLV-132 is now in Phase 2 of a clinical trial involving 50 patients.

If proven effective and certfied by the Food and Drug Administration, RSV-132 would be only the second new drug approved for treating lupus in 70 years. 

Check out the Lupus Research Alliance article here for more information.