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The Division of Rheumatology would like to announce the opening of the rheumatology COVID-19 patient registry, developed by the COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance.

This is a multinational group of clinicians, researchers, and patient advocates led by Drs. Jinoos Yazdany and Philip Robinson, who have been collaborating to collect and disseminate quality data for the rheumatology community during this pandemic.

One of the main goals is to create a freely accessible registry where clinicians can add details of their patients with an COVID-19 infection who either (1) have a rheumatic disease, or (2) are on a drug used in rheumatology. We are interested in all cases, from asymptomatic to severely affected. The aim is to be able to provide information back to doctors, patients, and researchers about how rheumatic disease patients and those treated with rheumatology drugs fare when they get infected. It will potentially provide valuable information going forward to help make decisions about how to treat our patients.

The registry is accessible on the website:

See our COVID-19 FAQ page here.