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Photo of Irvine Huang, Rheumatology Fellow
Irvine Huang, Rheumatology Fellow Sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation

We are pleased to present our newest Arthritis Foundation sponsored Fellow, Irvin Huang, DO. Dr. Huang is the recipient of one of five new fellowship grants announced by the Arthritis Foundation in 2018; one of which was awarded to the Universtiy of Washington, Division of Rheumatology. 

Dr. Huang is originally from California and attended medical school at A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona, later completing his postgraduate training in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Huang has stated that he is excited to join the UW Division of Rheumatology Fellowship Program as it "offers him the opportunity to care for a diverse population with complex diseases and form long-term relationships with his patients." 

To learn more about Dr. Huang's background, check out the Arthritis Foundation's blog post.