Dr. Peter Simkin

On February 18th, Dr. Peter Simkin presented for the Division of Rheumatology as our Grand Rounds speaker. His talk was titled, “A New View of the Hip” and focused on the differences between convex and concave structure and function in load-bearing joints. This lecture also acted as the kick-off event in the Division's new series, "Research Pioneers at UW Rheumatology". Through this lecture series, the Division will honor individuals who have made notable contributions to Rheumatology research at UW throughout the years. 

Dr. Simkin first joined the Division of Rheumatology as a fellow in 1966. At the time the Division of Arthritis, as it was known, had just two fellows and one faculty member. Dr. Simkin worked in the Roosevelt clinic serving patients up until his retirement in 2006. In addition, Dr. Simkin was a clinical researcher whose research focused mostly on gout and osteoarthritis. He continues to stay involved with the Division through his role as Professor Emeritus.

During his introduction for Dr. Simkin’s lecture, Dr. Mark Wener had this to say, “Peter Simkin has been one of the pillars of the University of Washington Rheumatology Division and the greater rheumatology community for decades.  He has had a distinguished career studying the physiology of gout and the joint, and always brings a creative, thoughtful, and deeply analytical perspective to his work and publications.  He has the knack and insights to bring a range of perspectives and diverse fields together to help us understand the physiologic and anatomic basis of arthritis and joint disease.”

The Division is honored to serve as the home institution to an accomplished pioneer such as Dr. Peter Simkin.