Noss LabDr. Erika Noss investigates how fibroblast hyperplasia defines rheumatoid arthritis, there is little understanding about how fibroblasts accumulate in the synovium.  Currently fibroblasts are defined mainly by what they are not – not immune, epithelial, endothelial, nerve, muscle or bone cells.  Her work and other reseach has suggested that fibroblast populations are not homogeneous and that different fibroblast subpopulations may have unique functions in disease.  Dr. Noss's research interests are to use both human tissues and mouse models to better define synovial fibroblast function in rheumatoid arthritis.  The Nosslaboratory is working to define pathways that promote synovial fibroblast accumulation in rheumatoid arthritis and examine mechanisms regulating IL-6 production in fibroblast subpopulations. Dr. Noss has extensive experience examining synovial fibroblast function in vitro and ex vivo and is proficient with several mouse arthritis models