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Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Residency: Michigan State University


Dr. El-Ayache grew up in the Middle East and moved to the United States to pursue higher education. She obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry. At that time, her research focused on synthesizing small molecule inhibitors targeting plasminogen activator inhibitor. Her love for research and medicine led her to pursue a physician-scientist training program at Michigan State University. She completed her Ph.D. in pharmacology, and her dissertation focused on studying the role of serotonin in modulating pain transmission.

She did her residency at Michigan State University. Her research interest is in chronic pain conditions and plans to continue research in the field. In addition to learning and studying, Nadine enjoys indoor planting, weightlifting, hiking, and cooking.

Why UW?

"While I did not have the opportunity to rotate with the program in person, it was evident by the end of the interview that the rheumatology program at UW fostered an excellent teaching environment emphasizing helping the fellows achieve their career goals."

Why Rheumatology? 

"I chose rheumatology due to the complexity of the patients, which requires critical thinking and, most importantly, excellent clinical skills. Additionally, most rheumatic conditions are associated with chronic pain, which is a specific interest of mine. Lastly, rheumatology allows continuity of care which will help me develop long-lasting relationships with my patients to provide better quality of care."