Who are we?

We are a Division consisting of 36 faculty members and 16 staff members dedicated to carrying out the Division's mission of achiving excellence in academic medicine, education and research. 

Group photo of Division of Rheumatology members

Picture from Fall 2019


 “I initially chose rheumatology because many autoimmune diseases affect young women and are potentially fatal and I hoped to learn how the diseases could be better treated. The last 30 years has seen a revolution in our understanding and, hence, our ability to treat these diseases. I am impressed every day by the faculty, staff, and trainees within our Division.  They share my passion and unshakable optimism in research, training, and patient care within the field of Rheumatology."

Dr. Keith Elkon, Division Head

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We offer a variety of fellowship training opportunities providing challenging experiences in research, clinical medicine, and teaching under the guidance of dedicated training faculty in the full range of clinical and laboratory settings

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