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Affiliate Professor, Division of Rheumatology


Dr. Ledbetter did his postdoctoral studies from 1978-1981 at Stanford with Dr. Lee Herzenberg. In collaboration with rheumatologists at UCSF, he was amongst the first to assess the effects of T cell depletion with monoclonal antibodies in immunologic diseases in animal models. His future research focused on the approach to identify critical molecules in cell communication in the immune system and then to develop antibodies or other blocking molecules that impair overzealous immune responses in autoimmune diseases. Dr. Ledbetter created the first recombinant CTLA-4-Ig that is now called Orencia and is used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and related diseases. In addition, in collaboration with Ed Clark, they developed one of the first anti-CD20 mAb which was used it to treat lymphoma in 1983. Anti-CD20 antibodies (Rituximab) are now used to treat a variety of autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Ledbetter conducted most of his basic science in industry, early on at Bristol Myers Squibb, but from 2003-2007 as Chief Scientific Officer at Trubion. His current research is focused on the role of CD180 in B cell and dendritic cell function. In addition, he is investigating the effects of targeting antigens to dendritic cells to modulate immune function.

Education & Training: 

PhD, University of Wisconsin- Madison , Madison, WI (1978)


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